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Walking tour “Traditional Crafts‘ Revival in Vilnius”

“Traditional Crafts‘ Revival in Vilnius” – following the municipal Program on revitalization of traditional crafts craftsmen workshops-galleries could to be visited by the ordered tour: the stained glass (www.stainedglass.lt), traditional flax weaving (www.jurate.eu), the Art Center of Baltic Amber (www.ambergallery.lt), Vilnius Potters’ guild (www.pottery.lt). Every workshop-gallery have their own unique exhibition and  workshop space with set of traditional manufacturing instruments. Some of them found thematic expositions, and most of them regularly organizes exhibitions of the art and craft wares.

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours on foot. Number of participants: up to 15

Prices: http://www.vsaa.lt/ikainiai.pdf

Tel. +370 5 212 7723, +370 5 262 9646, e-mail: j.raugaliene@vsaa.lt