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Cultural Heritage during Lunch. Paupys

On December 19, 2019 we visited historic Paupys (Paplauja) district  which is under redevelopment now. The idea was to start the discussions about new developments in historic environment. Specialists of the agency told about historic past of the area, presented its cultural value and initiated the discussions.

Paupys was a suburban Vilnius area where craftsmen and small businesses were established:  water mills and sawmills, bakeries, laundries and public bathhouses were located in a picturesque valley of  Vilnele river. The area was called Paplauja till 1939. After the WWI the area was occupied by soviet industrial buildings. Some factories still worked till the end of XX c., but finally all factories closed and were sold out.

Vilnius City Municipality decided to revitalize the area. The Project „Architectural Park“ was initiated in order to create a new multi-functional district. The architectural workshop took place in 2010. The polluted industrial land was cleaned in 2015: the European funds, the Municipality and the private developer shared the expenses that were about 4 mln. Euros. The implementation works started in 2017; the area is under construction now.