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Vilnius Old Town Revitalisation programme consists of physical renewal of buildings and public areas, community building, promotion of traditional crafts, international co-operation. During 1998–2005 the amount of public funds allocated to the implementation of the Programme has totaled more than 96 mln. Lt (28 millions Euro). This has been used for investigation and design work, for renewal work to the exteriors of buildings and roofs, new pavements and lighting of streets and pedestrian areas, renewal of public squares, parks and courtyards. The citizens have evaluated these public works very positively.
Annual Vilnius Old Town Revitalisation Programmes consist of:
– Physical renewal of buildings and environment;
– Community Development/awareness rising:
Co-operation of public-private funds/financial support in the areas of conservation of heritage values, buildings and maintenance of their surroundings;
– Educational activities of Vilnius Old Town Information Centre;
– International co-operation in the area of heritage conservation, urban development, community development