• Lietuviškai


Open discussion about the upgrade of St. Anne’s Church square

Presentation of initial ideas for the square in front of St. Anne’s Church took place at the Agency on September 11, 2018. The event was dedicated for the 25th Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities (September 8 was declared “Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities” as the Organization of the World Heritage Cities was created in September 8, 1993, in Fez (Morocco).

The square in front of St. Anne’s Church is among the most visited ones because of the precious historic architectural environment. Complex of gothic St. Anne’s and Bernardines’ Churches with monastery assembled with Baroque St. Nicholas Church and former Bernardines’ convent is the largest and best preserved monumental compound in Vilnius. The square got present shape after new street was built at the end of 19th c. separating St. Anne’s Church and the two monastic unites.

The initial square upgrade idea was presented by architect Vincas Brezgys. He suggested leaving the large trees in front of the church, creating a new 2 layers pavement and exposing a part of authentic cobble stones pavement from 19th c. in a current green zone. New lighting and benches should be set. Jurate Raugaliene, architect of the Agency, presented the historic overview and evolution of the site based on iconographic material, drawings and old maps.

Participants discussed alternative means to improve the square. It was suggested and agreed to decrease a number of parking places, to search for relevant type of pavement, to arrange a drinking water column and a summer terrace for a café. Greenery maintenance in the square was discussed most emotionally. There were different opinions regarding the large trees: to leave them or to prune the trees in order to open a better overview of the architectural complex.