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Restoration in Tallinn 2000 – 2018

The Agency‘s co-operation with Cultural Heritage Division of Tallinn City Municipality started in 2000. Head of the Heritage Division Boris Dubovik visited the Agency in September 13 gaving an open lecture „Restoration works in Tallinn historic city centre in 2000 – 2018“.  B. Dubovik is a leader of restoration processes at Tallinn municipal unit for city‘s heritage preservation for almost 20 years. His professional practical experience and knowledge are exclusive not only for Estonia but also regionally.
Mr. Dubovik accepted the delegation of Lithuanian State Commission for Cultural Heritage in spring, 2018.

Main priorities in heritage preservation and maintenance since 2000 in Tallinn remain restoration of churches, restoration, recreation and adaptation of the city defence structure; also public-private partnership  projects conserving authentic elements and upgrading of historic warehouses and residential houses.

Owners of historic properties may receive up to 50 percent of municipal financing for conservation and  restoration works paying the rest of the total cost themselves. Number of public-private projects is rapidly growing together with the political support and trust of local residents. This unique continuous process commenced 15 years ago. 170 examples of interior murals were restored during the period of independent Estonia (to compare: about 50 examples were restored during soviet times).

22 churches of 7 different confessions were restored; Tallinn municipality alloted 6,5 mln. Euros for the restoration of churches in 2000 – 2010.  Some major  examples of the soviet period heritage were also restored and these objects soon became of great interest for foreign tourists.