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Seminar “Urban Heritage and Public Communication”

International Seminar “Urban Heritage and Public Communication will take place on May 22nd, 2018 in Vilnius Tawn Hall, Didzioji St. 31, 05_22 Programme_EN

New architecture in historic urban context is always contraversial. Vilnius has quiet limited experience in the field. The special seminar is organised by the Agency together with  General Representative of Flanders to Poland and the Baltic States; in cooperation with Union of  Architects of Lithuania and  Vilnius City Municipality, EU Horizon 2020 ROCK project group. Key speaker is Mr. Leo Van Broeck, Chief Architect of Flanders Region. Other speakers – Chief architect of Vilnius City, local architect – restorer, director of Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency and Advisor to the Mayor of Vilnius.

The Seminar is dedicated to celebration of the National Day of Flanders in Vilnius, working  language – English