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September 8, OWHC Solidarity Day 2016

The Solidarity Day of the World Heritage Cities was commemorated in Vilnius on September 8. Events of the day highlighted the uniqueness of our World Heritage site and its outstanding universal value;  also the importance of a community involvement in the protection and management of Vilnius cultural heritage.

The lecture „Community Involvement: Maintenance of Vilnius World Heritage Site“ was given by director of Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency Gediminas Rutkauskas at Uzupis District Art Incubator Hall. After the lecture there was an excursion “We create the history of the city” by the private guide company „Gatves gyvos“. Buildings that were renovated from public – private partnership resources were presented.

The Organization of the World Heritage Cities was created on September 8, 1993, in Fez (Marocco). In commemoration of this big event, September 8 was declared “Solidarity Day of the World Heritage Cities” and all these cities are welcomed to commemorate it every year by organizing different activities that aim at highlighting their uniqueness. Vilnius is OWHC member since 2001.