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The Meeting in Latvian State Inspection for the Cultural Heritage

In Jan 9th 2018 the meeting between Director of the Agency, G. Rutkauskas and Head of Latvian State Inspection for the Cultural Heritage Dr. Juris Dambis, and Head of the Unit for Cultural Heritage Policy of the Inspection, Mrs Agnese Rupenheite took place in Riga. Management and promotion of UNESCO World Heritage sites, historic centres of Riga and Vilnius as well as ocassional cooperation on the Statehood Centennial celebration in the Baltic states were discussed.

Dr. J. Dambis informed that Riga Municipality abolished the Division of Cultural Heritage in 2015 and since then heritage preservation affaires in Latvian capital got worse. To improve the situation Latvian State Inspection initiated and Latvian Ministry of Culture presented the Project for the Supplement of the state law on Heritage Protection. Higher requirements for the Municipal governments in administration and financing of cultural heritage are stipulated in the Supplement. The Law is planned to be discussed at the Latvian Saema in Jan 2018.

It was agreed to strengthen cross-institutional co-operation aimed to promote WH sites of Riga and Vilnius within the OWHC Regional Project of Central and Eastern Europe sharing the information on protection, maintenance and managementof the WH sites. Mr. Dambis stressed the importance of integrated information on history and heritage of all Baltic states developing educational activities on the Statehood Centennial.

Dr. J. Dambis informed that the Inspection plans to establish „Heritage Classes“ in the premisses of the Inspection in Riga. The Inspection‘s emploees and experts would regularly present their knowledge in history, research, maintenance, management and listing of cultural heritage properties to pupil, students and members of local community. He thinks such promotional or educational work could become a future priority action of the State Inspection.