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The visit of Beijing Delegation

The delegation of the Palace Museum of Beijing, China, visited the Agency on 21st of April, 2017. Director of the Agency G. Rutkauskas and the architect J. Raugaliene presented Vilnius Old Town during the excursion; the Director gave a lecture on Vilnius historic urban development and the renewal of Vilnius historic centre – UNESCO world heritage site. The Director of the Palace Museum Dr. Shan Jixiang also gave a presentation on the management of the Museum. Dr. Shan Jixiang has worked for 15 years as a Head of Cultural Heritage and Planning Division of Beijing Municipality. He expressed the opinion that the planning of Vilnius Historic Centre is a very wise and sustainable; he thought that the role of Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency  as a specialised institution for the preservation of the UNESCO world heritage site is very significant.