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Virtual educational stories

During quarantine time specialists of Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency create virtual educational stories about Vilnius cultural heritage. We deliver the stories via our facebook instead of real walks “Cultural Heritage during Lunch”.

Cycle of 3 video stories about Radziwiłł Family (in Lithuanian) was prepared during the first month of the quarantine (March 16, 2020 – April 16):

Radvilų istorijos Vilniuje I. Kardinalija
Radvilų istorijos Vilniuje II. Puškarnia
Radvilų istorijos Vilniuje III. Mikalojus Kristupas Radvila Našlaitėlis ir “Vilniaus kompasas”
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Next cycle about Vilnius Baroque (III parts) was prepared during April and May. The stories are suitable for schoolchildren and for all who are interested in Vilnius heritage. I part is about Vilnius – UNESCO World Heritage Site and early baroque, II part is about late baroque at the beginning of 18th c., III part – about late baroque at the end of 18th c. and Vilnius Baroque School:
Vilnius Baroque_I part (in English)
Vilnius Baroque I part (in Lithuanian)
Vilnius baroque II part (in Lithuanian)
Vilnius baroque III part (in Lithuanian)