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Virtual St. Casimir‘s Fair 2021

Saint Casimir’s Fair is the biggest traditional folk arts and crafts fair in Vilnius. It’s usually held in city’s open public spaces in the first weekend of March 4 (St. Casimir’s day). Craftsmen, traders and guests come from different parts of Lithuania and neighbour countries. Vilnius craftsmen – participants of Municipal Crafts Program – are main actors of the Fair forming festive colorful procession with historic flags. This artistic, formerly semi-religious craftsmen procession is an old cultural tradition revived in 2007 by the initiative of Vilnius craftsmen association, Old Town Renewal Agency and Centre of Ethnic Culture.

Processions dedicated to St. Casimir, Prince of Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, emerged in 1636 when he was proclaimed a saint patron of Lithuania. Regional merchants appeared at the Fair since 1827 following the special privilege. Up to 2400 carriages used to come to the market at the beginning of 20th c. Approximately 1500 craftsmen and traders took part at the Fair in 2020.

St. Casimir’s Fair wasn’t celebrated in 2021 due to the national and global lockdown. A virtual e-shopping platform enabled craftsmen to sell and clients to buy unique crafts goods safely and comfortably: www.craftson.lt

The Agency prepared a review with variety of photos from different periods of St. Casimir’s Fair:
Kaziukas Fair Presentation