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The Council of Vilnius Municipality accepted the programme of “Fine Arts and Ethnographical Trades and Fairs” in 2001. While establishing the programme it is desired to make good conditions for the prospering of ethnographical fairs in the old town of Vilnius, to re-establish traditions of crafts and trades which disappear with time, to encourage the establishment of craftsmen workshops, shops, “dynamic museums, ethnographical pubs in the old town. With this aim the maximum effectiveness has to be achieved using properties of the old town, which belong to the Municipality.

1st direction
The rent of privilege lodgings, which belongs to the Municipality, for the artists and craftsmen is supplied. In these lodgings the training of crafts and trades is being executed, the demonstrations of manufacture processes for visitors, exhibiting of the pieces of art/craft, exhibitions and sale. At the moment there are 14 galleries-workshops participating in the programme.

2nd direction
The revitalisation of a Tymo Quarter, which was severely destroyed after the World War II, by establishing the Crafts Town here. This territory, near Maironis and Aukštaičių streets
is going to work as a place of everlasting fairs. The suburban culture should reflect in the square – the collision of the village and the city. The City financed the establishment of the infrastructure for the Crafts Town in Tymo Quarter. New pedestrian paths and sightseeing platforms were built there, a historic Kudrų street was reconstructed, and places for the fair of craftsmen were established.