• Lietuviškai


Vilnius city Council approved Traditional City Crafts Program in 2001. The Program is aimed at revitalization and contemporary development of historic city craftsmanship mostly lost during the turbulent XX century. The Program encouraged establishment of craftsmen galleries with workshop and shopping spaces, and quality evolution of the traditional city‘s fairs in the Old Town. Vilnius municipal administration provided incentives for establishment of craftsmen galleries: candidates were offered an easy lease of municipal property located on tourists routs in Vilnius historic city centre. The craftsmen from their part, undertook responsibility to provide live demonstration of craft‘s handwork process for visitors, and doing it free of charge at least once a week; organise training schemes for interested customers, basically youth and students, and take part at the traditional city‘s fairs and other major public cultural events.

When the Program acquired it‘s strength and get known some 8-7 years ago it crossed municipal and national borders by its‘ members attendance at various international events assembling cities‘ craftsmen communities and their legacy. The Program members often attend cities‘ traditional craftsmen fairs in Riga, Latvia; Warsaw, Gdansk and Lublin in Poland; St. Petersburg in Russia; L’viv in Ukraine. These remarkable public events become increasingly attractive for tourists.