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Vilnius Traditional City Crafts Program started in 2001 when it was first time approved by Vilnius City Council. The Program was aimed at revitalization and contemporary development of historic city craftsmanship mostly lost during the turbulent XX century.

In June 2021, Vilnius City Council approved the decision regarding the continuation of the Traditional City Crafts Program till 2030. Special attention was given to the period till 2024 because of Vilnius 700 jubilee in 2023.

Main task of the Program is to encourage the development of traditional urban crafts and to promote Vilnius history and culture. Important objectives are creative interpretation of the crafts production, public and youth involvement, providing educational services such as crafts demonstration, training, exhibitions, publications, etc.; participation in main local and international fairs. Participants of the Program strengthen the colorful tradition of St. Bartholomew Fair.

Craftsmen – participants of the Program friendly invite to visit their galleries workshops!

The Program acquired it‘s strength and get known some 10 years before when it crossed municipal and national borders by its‘ members attendance at various international events assembling cities‘ craftsmen communities and their legacy. The Program members often attend cities‘ traditional craftsmen fairs in Riga, Latvia; Warsaw, Gdansk and Lublin in Poland; St. Petersburg in Russia; L’viv in Ukraine. These remarkable public events become increasingly attractive for tourists.

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