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Kaziukas (Saint Casimir’s) Fair

Kaziukas (Saint Casimir’s) Fair takes place in Vilnius Historic Centre – UNESCO world heritage site on weekend after 3th of March (St. Casimir Day).  It is a large annual folk arts and crafts fair, dating to the beginning of the 17th century.

Vilnius craftsmen – participants of Municipal Crafts Programme – take part at the opening and festive colorful procession with craftsmen’ flags. The procession of craftsmen is an old cultural tradition which was revitalized 10 years before by the initiative of the craftsmen themselves and Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency; with the help of the consultant prof. Libert Klimka.

DSC03265 DSC03325 kaziuke

Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency coordinates the Programme of “Fine Arts and Ethnographical Trades and Fairs”. Participation of Vilnius craftsmen in Kaziukas Fair gives the added value to the fair and demonstrates the revitalisation of intangible heritage of Vilnius Old Town.
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