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List of galleries-workshops

The rent of privilege lodgings, which belong to the Municipality, for the artists and craftsmen is supplied. In these lodgings the training of crafts and trades is being executed, the demonstrations of manufacture processes for visitors, exhibiting of the pieces of art/craft, exhibitions and sale. There are 12 galleries-workshops participating in the Traditional Crafts Program (in July 2021):

1. The Gallery of Goldsmith Guild “Meno nisa”
2. The Gallery-workshop “Vitrazo manufaktura
3. Baltic Amber Art Centre
4. The Gallery “Sauluva”
5. The Jeweller School “Vilnensis”
6. The Old Crafts Workhop (Crafts Club “Dvaro meistrai”)
7. The club “Menas sau”
8. The Vilnius potters’ workshop
9. The Drapery-gallery “Jurate.eu”
10. The Centre of crafts and arts “Nauja sirena”
11. The Workshop-gallery “Amatu gildija”
12. The Black Ceramics Gallery – Workshop “Molio laume”

Fine Crafts Association of Vilnius was established in 2006