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Virtual stories, lectures and videos

At the end of UNESCO world heritage year in Lithuanian 2020 our partners – HERITAS team prepared a new educational project „Digitalisation of the international cultural heritage festival‘s HERITAS and new digital products for cultural heritage awareness rising“. Awareness rising lecture „Patrimonito travels in Vilnius“ based on the Agency‘s new booklet „Patrimonito in Vilnius Old Town“ (in Lithuanian) was created in a form a short video:

Educational lecture „Patrimonito travels in Vilnius“ (in Lithuanian)

Viršelis_Pavelduko Puslapis_Pavelduko
The project was supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Other virtual stories (in Lithuanian):
Radvilų stories in Vilnius I. Kardinalija
Radvilų stories in Vilnius II. Puškarnia
Radvilų stories in Vilnius III. Mikalojus Kristupas Radvila

Video lecture about Vilnius University
Film (short) for children about Vilnius Old Town (in Lithuanian): https://youtu.be/5GyvdEVAkhI
Films (short) about Vilnius crafts