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Monitoring in 2016

Monitoring of valuable attributes of Vilnius Old Town started in 2016. Photo fixation of panoramic views from Pilies (Castle), Triju Kryziu (Three Crosses) and Bekesho hills and sightseeing points from Subachiaus – Maironio crossroad and from the St. Johns‘ Belfry is implemented. Photo fixation of infrastructure elements of authentic buildings, streets and public areas started, the monitoring of physical status of streets and yards will start soon. The Agency informs the municipal Division of Cultural Heritage Protection and the State Department of Cultural Heritage if there are some possibly illegal construction works in the cultural heritage properties.

Monitoring started from Pamenkalnio, V. Sopeno, J. Basanaviciaus streets. It is planned to finish the monitoring of Pamenkalnio, V. Sopeno, J. Basanaviciaus,  Aukstaiciu, Pylimo, Malunu, Polocko, Subaciaus streets till the end of 2016. Monitoring of 50 – 70 objects is implementd each year.

We invite residents of the Old Town to write us or to send photos, related with essential changes of Old Town panoramic views, public areas, streets, engineering infrastructure, buildings, etc.

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